• Dr. Meng Cheng Lau, Post-doctoral Fellow

Current Graduate Students

  • Suhad Alharbi
  • Seth Fiawoo
  • Amir Hosseinmemar
  • Geoff Nagy
  • Sibendu Sarkar
  • Andrew Winton

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Olayinka Basheer Adelakun
  • Abdul-Rasheed Audu
  • Yuan Ding
  • Ayobami Ige
  • Chi Fung (Andy) Lun
  • Kyle Morris
  • Kurt Palo
  • Kiral Poon
  • Ziang (Daniel) Wang
  • Byan Wodi
  • Long (Will) Yu


Alumni (Grad Students,  Undergrads, Post-Docs)

  • Qaiser Ahsan
  • Roushain Akhter
  • Jeff Allen
  • Jonathan Bagot
  • Simon Barber-Dueck
  • Ahmad Byagowi
  • Diana Carrier
  • Chi Tai Cheng
  • Derek Cormier
  • Michael de Denus
  • Lorisa Dubuc
  • Barrett Ens
  • Paul Furgale
  • Richard Galka
  • Mike Gauthier [pic]
  • Tyler Gunn
  • Chris Iverach-Brereton
  • Joshua Jung
  • Meng Cheng Lau
  • Shunjie Lau
  • Terry Liu
  • Tiago Martins Ara├║jo
  • Sancho McCann [pic]
  • Sara McGrath
  • Dan Messing[pic]
  • Brian McKinnon
  • Samson Ootoowak
  • Chad Peters
  • Iran Rocha
  • Shawn Schaerer
  • Stela Hanbyeol Seo
  • Shachi Singh
  • Nicole Storen
  • Brian Tanner[pic]
  • Mike van de Vijsel
  • Nathan Wiebe
  • Ryan Wegner [pic]
  • Alf Wurr
  • Shane Yanke

Prospective Students

We have opportunities for good graduate students in these and related areas. Different thesis topics demand different skills and interests (e.g. software agents are very different from robotic design!). However, we are in general interested in students who can demonstrate an interest (and as much experience as possible) in artificial intelligence and experience with a wide array of programming languages as well as students with a background in electronics, mechanical design, and robotic hardware. All students, irrespective of the background, must satisfy the Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements. If you are interested, please contact us - but please read the FAQ entry on this subject first.

The Autonomous Agents Laboratory is one of the research laboratories within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba, and is directed by Dr. John Anderson and Dr. Jacky Baltes. The goal of our work is the improvement of technology surrounding hardware and software agents as well as the development of applications employing these technologies. We are especially interested in cooperation in multi-agent settings, and the infrastructure necessary to support this and other forms of social interaction in intelligent systems.