Frequently Asked Question

Can I apply to be a Graduate Student in your lab?

We appreciate the interest of prospective students - no lab worth its name could run without good students! However, like many research labs, we get a significant number of interested persons contacting us from all over the globe. There is no way we could possibly accept or even answer all of them. You need to be aware that the University of Manitoba does not guarantee funding to graduate students universally - the department has some guaranteed funding packages, but these are competitive among all incoming students.  Other local funding opportunities for international graduate students are extremely limited. In general, we can make no promises for funding, and because we have limited funding that has to be justified to granting agencies, we generally do not have the ability to commit to funding any student until they are already here and can demonstrate their ability to work on the projects we do have funding for.

By way of advice when contacting any research institution, including this one, "spamming" many individuals with graduate student inquiries is generally frowned upon by all concerned. It does not leave a good impression when one reads an email from an potential student expressing a strong interest in one's research area and a great desire to study with that particular individual, only to find that many other faculty got the same piece of email. While we appreciate that it is not always easy to find entrance into a graduate program, please know that the obvious insincerity in doing this does nothing but harm your chances of finding a placement or funding.