Our joint teen-size team with Amirkabir University of Technology was a huge success at RoboCup! We came in third in the world in the teen-size (<1.4m) soccer competition, losing our semi-final match to Team Parand from Iran, the new world champion. We also won second in this year's technical challenges (push recovery, i.e. a robot being able to remain on its feet after being pushed, goal kicks from a moving ball, high kicks, and high jumps), behind team NTUST Teen from NTUST, Taiwan. Working with larger size robots is a bigger challenge yet than our more usual kid-size work, and reaching the stage where we can place at RoboCup is a big reward. Many thanks to our partners at AUT, and the students and faculty from our lab that put work into this: Amirhossein Hosseinmemar, Chris Iverach-Brereton, Brittany Postnikoff, Dewin White, Jamillo Santos, Kiral Poon, John Anderson, and Jacky Baltes. Jacky, Jamillo, and Kiral made the trip to China so many thanks for all the hours put in while at RoboCup!



We will be be attending RoboCup 2018 in Montreal, the first time RoboCup has come to Canada!

The Autonomous Agents Laboratory is one of the research laboratories within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba, and is directed by Dr. John Anderson and Dr. Jacky Baltes. The goal of our work is the improvement of technology surrounding hardware and software agents as well as the development of applications employing these technologies. We are especially interested in cooperation in multi-agent settings, and the infrastructure necessary to support this and other forms of social interaction in intelligent systems.