Blitz, Buster, the Citizen robots (all described in items below), and ourselves are now at RoboCup. The next two days are prep-days, and competitions begin after that. Thanks for everybody's well-wishes for the competition! We will be updating a gallery and a video directory for RoboCup-2007 as time permits. Some initial items are there now - see the appropriate menu item on the left.


Scoring a goal against Iran in the Citizen Robot Soccer Competition

We came in third in the world in teen-size humanoids at RoboCup-2017, along with our partner, Amirkabir University of Technology, and took third place in the Technical Challenge!

The Autonomous Agents Laboratory is one of the research laboratories within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba, and is directed by Dr. John Anderson and Dr. Jacky Baltes. The goal of our work is the improvement of technology surrounding hardware and software agents as well as the development of applications employing these technologies. We are especially interested in cooperation in multi-agent settings, and the infrastructure necessary to support this and other forms of social interaction in intelligent systems.