The Autonomous Agents Lab on Canada AM

While at RoboCup in Bremen, we were contacted by CTV's Canada AM to put in an appearance on the show. They hade a hard time arranging studio space in Bremen, because the World Cup and RoboCup events were taking up much of the local media pool. After a few days bouncing emails and phone calls back and forth, we managed to negotiate a time between events to go to a local studio to appear live. When we got there, they only had room for one person at the desk-in-front-of-the-blue screen, and Shane was elected.

Shane was a little apprehensive about his first national media exposure, but it came together really well.

We set up the robots on the table in front of the blue screen:

They used a fill-in backtrop of the old town square in Bremen

Shane came next...

The earpiece went in next so that he could hear the interviewer in Canada

Getting the microphone pinned on:

Jacky was on the phone with their producer giving the spelling of names and so on. They had some technical difficulties getting the satellite link.

Meanwhile, we got the robots ready for a quick demo. Click the picture below for associated video.

Then came make-up

And it all looked great on the monitor when it was together.

We couldn't record anything while it was going on, but it turned out well. Shane was more than a little relieved when it was over.


Congratulations, Shane, on your first big TV break!

The broadcast itself can be seen via streaming video from CTV.