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  1. MIT marine experts win international RobotX self-driving boat competition

    MIT-Olin's "WAM-V" boat navigated a special course in the RobotX competition to demonstrate motion-planning, control, and autonomy.

    MIT News
  2. Harnessing error-prone chips

    As transistors get smaller, they also grow less reliable. Increasing their operating voltage can help, but that means a corresponding increase in power consumption.

    MIT News
  3. Google reveals it is developing a computer so smart it can program ITSELF

    Google's secretive artificial intelligence researchers have revealed a computer that they hope will one day be able to program itself. Developers at Google's secretive DeepMind start-up, which it bought for $400 million earlier this year, are attempting to mimic some of the properties of the human brain's short-term working memory.

    Daily Mail - Sciencetech (UK)
  4. Warblr : 'Shazam for birds' app lets you identify birdsong in real-time

    Just in time for spring, scientists hope to launch a 'Shazam for birds' that will help people identify the tweets that are waking them up in the morning. The app, dubbed Warblr, claims to be able to recognise the song of 88 bird species, and could help track their migration patterns.

    Daily Mail - Sciencetech (UK)
  5. School Researchers Use Computer Models to 'Field-Test' Ideas - Education Week

    What makes one intervention work in a school when another seemingly similar one falls flat? Increasingly detailed computer models of student behavior and learning may help researchers avoid such setbacks by better pinpointing interventions before taking them to schools.

    Education Week - Technology