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  1. Can cartoons be used to teach machines to understand the visual world?

    An enormous gap exists between human abilities and machine performance when it comes to understanding the visual world from images and videos. Humans are still way out in front.

    ScienceDaily AI
  2. You Don't Have to Be Google to Build an Artificial Brain

    When Google used 16,000 machines to build a simulated brain that could correctly identify cats in YouTube videos, it signaled a turning point in the art of artificial intelligence. Applying its massive cluster of computers to an emerging breed of AI algorithm known as "deep learning," the so-called Google brain was twice as accurate as any previous system in recognizing objects pictured in digital images, and it was hailed as another triumph for the mega data centers erected by the kings of the web.

  3. In Forza Horizon 2, Computers Finally Drive as Crazy as Humans

    One of the best things about videogames these days is that you can play against your friends, even if they're not on the same continent as you. With the Forza racing series, Microsoft's Turn 10 Studios has taken that a step further: Gamers can race against their friends, even when their friends are offline.

  4. DHL launches first commercial drone 'parcelcopter' delivery service

    In December, Amazon announced that it intended to deliver packages to customers using drones. But its "Amazon Prime Air" initiative, revealed on US current affairs show 60 Minutes, was widely ridiculed for being an over-hyped announcement with little to show for it.

    The Guardian - Technology (UK)
  5. Can you out-race a computer?

    Human beings have a remarkable ability to make inferences based on their surroundings. Is this area safe?

    MIT News