The autonomous agents lab has had a number of homes through its history.

We started out in incredibly cramped space on the fifth floor of Machray Hall (one office that was widened to two by removing a wall). As the number of students grew and the size of the projects we worked on demanded more floor space, we quickly outgrew this facility.

The department as a whole was cramped for space, and Physics kindly lent us space in a sub-basement whose previous incarnation was a control room for a cyclotron. This space became our satellite operation, which we affectionately referred to as the Dungeon. A number of generations of RoboCup teams were developed there.


With the construction of the new building, the lab found its current home, and we have a new space about equal to the combined older lab facilities. This is the facility we operate from today.
A Map showing the the location of the laboratory on campus is available.